Why Chiropractic?

You want a natural and painless cost-effective form of healthcare that creates lasting results by correcting the cause of the problem

Family Care

We are a referral based family practice that treats patients of all ages in a personalized manner with emphasis on YOU the individual

Your Comfort

Our goal is to partner with you for your health by encouraging you to ask questions, and be a part of your healing process

Your Health & Chiropractic

Health is not merely the absence of disease.  The body has an innate intelligence that oversees a series of complex systems that rely on proper balance and coordination to function correctly.

The primary focus of Chiropractic is simple to correct any misalignments of the spine thus removing the interference with the body’s natural healing ability.


We remain open and are here for you if you need care. We are taking every precaution we can in conjunction with guidelines recommended by the CDC to ensure your safety.

Thank You Veterans!!!

We are pleased to be a Community Care Network (CCN) provider with the Veteran Affairs Department, serving those who served this country of ours.  A referral is required. Please make the request for Chiropractic care with Dr. Kastrup through your VA primary care physician.

Our Mission

Dr. Kastrup’s mission is to aid you in achieving the highest quality of life through chiropractic healthcare. His services are specifically designed to help restore proper function of the spine and extremities thus resulting in optimal neuromuscular health. In addition, Dr. Kastrup strongly emphasizes patient education as a means of equipping you with the necessary tools to aid you in a timely resolution of your injuries and ultimately maintaining a high quality of health.