Our Services

The primary focus of Chiropractic is simply to correct any misalignments of the spine thus removing the interference with the body’s natural healing ability. Misalignments occur in extremities also (i.e. jaw, ankles, knees, shoulders, wrists) and Chiropractic can alleviate these misalignments as well.

Our Mission

Our services are specifically designed to help restore proper function of the spine and extremities thus resulting in optimal neuromuscular health.

Consultation & Physical Examinations

An initial visit includes a consultation with Dr. Kastrup, an overview of what chiropractic care is, a review of your health history, a physical examination, Dr. Kastrup’s thoughts on whether or not care is right for you, and care.

Chiropractic Adjustments

The correction of misalignments is done through chiropractic manipulative therapy (CMT) aka adjustments.  Dr. Kastrup does these adjustments using the diversified method (manually — with his hands) or using an Activator instrument (a hand held instrument guided by the doctor). Adjustments are quick and very specific correcting only the misaligned segment.

Personal Ergonomics

The manner in which bodies are positioned impact how we feel.  Dr. Kastrup will discuss your daily living activities and the manner in which you sit, stand, drive, sleep and advise you on how to properly position yourself for optimum health.

Physical Therapy

In addition to chiropractic manipulative therapy, Dr. Kastrup has physical therapy modalities to aid in your recovery.

Rehabilitation, Stretching & Exercise Instruction

Dr. Kastrup is a firm believer in guiding you to help yourself. Exercise and healthy eating are all a part of maintaining your health. Simple and short daily stretches can improve your health and well-being tremendously. As part of your care Dr. Kastrup will recommend and demonstrate stretches to incorporate into your daily life along with proper body positioning when exercising.

Financial Information

INSURANCE — Dr. Kastrup is a provider on many insurance plans, and his staff is equipped to submit claims on your behalf.

NO INSURANCE — We also treat many people who have no insurance coverage.  Please call the office to inquire about self-pay rates.

THIRD PARTY CLAIMS — We provide care for people who have been injured in automobile accidents, on the job or other personal injury claims.