Our Patients Are Saying…

Dr. Kastrup is awesome. Very knowledgeable and listened to me about my lower back issue and he fixed it. He has helped me so much over the years that I refer all my friends and family to see him.

He is my “go to” guy when I get out of alignment.

I’ve been having pain in my groin/hip area and felt like I wasn’t aligned right. Went to my Primary Dr.’s and took an X-ray and he didn’t see anything going on and suggested I try to build muscle. I have a Personal Trainer who would have me do stretches for my back and hips to try and open my hips more and it was still painful. I looked into Chiropractic because I was talking with people about similar issues and so I decided to try it. I received a list of Chiropractor’s and I’m big on Yelp Reviews and Reviews/Referrals in general.. I started googling the reviews on Dr. Michael Kastrup Ranch Del Oro Chiropractic and seen the feedback so I had to make an appointment plus it was close to home. Well, off top he made me feel so comfortable.. he was funny, extremely knowledgeable and providing me with information at the same time. Very professional. He accessed me initially and really was genuine in trying to see what was wrong. The next thing I knew I felt absolutely AMAZING!! WOW!! Hands downs I’m excited I found an awesome Chiropractor who cares. He even took an extra step at giving me his number in case I had questions about my treatment/appointment. Also, followed up with a phone call before he left the office to see how I was doing. He went above and beyond for me and I’m thankful. I’m excited for my husband to see him!! AMAZING!! This was just yesterday and all done the same day! So thankful and grateful.. we need more humans like this.

Really glad I came to Dr. Kastrup! The practice is in an industrial section of Oceanside but was easily visible from the road. Kelly is Dr. Kastrup’s admin and she is quite a delight! Easy to make an appointment and she was so friendly. I brought my baby who was a total fuss fest and she was so sweet when he was crying his face off.

Dr. Kastrup didn’t try to sell me a bunch of bologna and really asked how I saw my treatment plan being going forward. He is very accommodating. His adjustments were good and I felt great afterwards. He does apologize a lot for jerking you around but that’s what we came here for!! Such a kind chiropractor!

I definitely recommend the practice and look forward to bringing my crying baby in again soon.

I’ve been seeing doctor Kastrup for about two years now and felt it was time for an updated review! Initially, I saw Dr. Kastrup for my migraines and a foot injury… later for a wrist injury, then for prenatal care (who knew a growing belly could mess up your back?!), and now for post natal care (carrying a baby is hard work!). We even have our baby adjusted to make sure her growing little body develops appropriately. He’s very gentle with her- and don’t worry an adult adjustment is NOT like an infant adjustment. My mother in law and husband also come here too now.

Dr. Kastrup is just as wonderful as the first time we met. He goes above and beyond to help his patients feel pain-free, sometimes even sacrificing his own free time to help others. He’s a very calm doctor and always re-assuring. I never feel like I’m just another patient or a number. I’m an actual human being and Dr. Kastrup makes you feel like part of the family. Thank you Dr. Kastrup and staff for everything you do. My family and I appreciate you!!!

I’ve seen chiropractors for a long time and none of the chiropractors before had given the type of service Mike has. He’s not only extremely informative so that you can easily grasp what habits you’ve been having that lead to your aches, but also provided “homework” to help you jump into better habits for relief. He’s also hilarious and fun to work with. His staff is also pretty awesome!

I’ve been having lower back pain for days, and today I just couldn’t take it anymore. I called Dr. Kastrup’s office and fortunately they were able to take me in. Staff are very warm and friendly (which i really appreciated since it’s my first time to have a chiro appointment). And then there’s Dr. Michael! He’s very knowledgeable, he evaluated me and explained what needs to be done. He’s a very good conversationalist too so you’ll be distracted when he cracks you here and there! It was a great experience! will be returning and will surely bring my friends too!

P.S. You know you have a good doctor when he calls you before he leaves the office just to make sure you’re alright.

I’ve been suffering with back pain for years Dr. Kastrup was able to help me greatly with the pain the first time I saw him and gave me exercises so that I wouldn’t have to see him at some point in the future anymore

Dr. Kastrup and his office is amazing. I had a stiff neck and lower back pain from working construction, i found Dr. Kastrup in our company insurance plan. He is always willing to make last minute appointments for my urgent need. He always has a positive vibe and happy to see you. The whole office makes you feel like family when you walk in. I won’t go to another chiropractor even after moving 45 miles away.

Dr. Kastrup, Gloria (massage therapist), and office staff have been amazing! At 66 I have lent had back issues so never had a chiropractor although lots of massages (preventative?). I was in chronic lower back pain that I couldn’t resolve. After my first session with Sr. Kastrup my hips were back in alignment and the pain was gone! Gloria’s massage helped ease the muscles that had been working overtime to correct for the hip misalignment. Just amazing. They are referred by Kaiser, if that is your insurance, which makes it very cost effective to keep my back in good condition as the body ages. Also NO pressure to get on a costly unending series of sessions. I can call when I want to come by for adjustment or massage (by appt but very accommodating as well).